Strong Stable Wifi in the UAE

Enjoy Strong Stable Wifi in Dubai

Skip the expensive and time-consuming steps to getting Wifi across your Villa and Apartment in Dubai. Aquila WIfi will give you the solution that means you will only notice bad Wifi in other people’s homes, yours will ‘just work’.

All your devices on the same network, all the time

Remove the need to change Wifi networks when you walk upstairs or move to the back room in your apartment. Print from anywhere in your home. Get Strong Stable Wifi that roams you automatically to give the best possible connection wherever you are.

Support built in, remotely

Once installed your new devices are monitored remotely for any issues. Any updates or changes that you like can be pushed remotely without the need for a costly and time consuming technical visit.

Meet the Team

Aquila Wifi Home and Office IT – bringing Better Wifi to your Home or Office


Founder / installer

A former Pilot with a strong interest in Tech, Tommo has been installing better Wifi into villas and apartments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for over 2 years. With 200+ installs under his belt he’s seen it all before and knows how to fix it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, your next villa in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will have exactly the same difficulties with Wifi. Take all the equipment with you and Aquila Wifi will help you install it.

Aquila Wifi has already remotely helped clients move their system from the UAE to Australia, Singapore and the United States. Once configured all you need is internet access to benefit from strong stable Wifi globally.

Wifi struggles to get through the thick concrete walls in the UAE. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is but how many walls there are. If you have walls in the way then you can benefit from Aquila Wifi.

Once your home network is configured to be as good as it can be – you’ll be free to reduce your monthly spend to a minimum subscription with your Internet Service Provider.