Network security – is it a big deal?

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Wifi and the home or office network that sits behind it has fast become an Utility that we cannot do without. Read below about the latest developments in Wifi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

You may not consider network security of high importance when you are looking at your home Wi-Fi connection as when we think of internet security we may imagine hackers trying to gain access to big name corporations or high-level security information.

Should you be concerned?

In reality, network security is about much more than keeping your own information safe. It is also about keeping your devices free from malware and infection which can reduce your bandwidth and leave you with broken Wi-Fi. With more and more of our daily business being done online, such as banking and social security, network security is in fact very important.

Single network ID and password

Your home Wi-Fi can be split into separate networks; your main network and a guest network for example. Your main network should be protected with a complex password in order to maintain a high level of security for your home devices such as computer, printer, TV and mobile phones. Your guest network can be more relaxed if you are likely to be giving out the password regularly as you set up the network to only have access directly to the internet, not your home network devices.

Your single network from Aquila Wifi will come set up with an ID which is usually a mixture of letters and numbers that you can choose to make it easier to remember as it is your own network. Your single network should be kept secure in order to ensure that your own devices benefit from the highest quality connection as well as are kept safe from malicious software which could corrupt data and leave you with Wi-Fi that doesn’t work.

While the recommendation is that your network should be protected behind a complex password which isn’t easily guessed or hacked – the reality is that the WEP Personal passwords that are used by Aquila Wifi are encrypted and hard enough to crack to deter anyone from hacking into your network. The easiest way for it to be hacked is indeed someone finding out the password or someone visiting your house seeing the password pinned onto the fridge door! Use a password which is a combination of letters and numbers and is at least 8 characters long. If someone else gets into your network they can use your Wi-Fi to download unsafe or even illegal content. You will then be liable for this content as it is on your network.

Worried about security

If you are concerned about your single network being open to hacking or not being secure enough then Aquila Wifi can help you set up a secure password to protect your Wi-Fi and ensure that your internet connection is quick and safe. Protect the quality of your network as well your devices with a strong password and separate network for family and friends so that you needn’t give out your main password at all.

Contact Aquila Wifi at betterwifi@aquilawifi.com