Vince – Large 3 Bed Apartment

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Wifi and the home or office network that sits behind it has fast become an Utility that we cannot do without. Read below about the latest developments in Wifi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Vince had the classic UAE setup of 3 different routers and a Wifi extender to try to cover their apartment. Aquila Wifi gave them better, strong stable Wifi with a full enterprise grade system using 4 Access Points (including the latest FlexHD). During the install Aquila Wifi configured the TV and Bose soundbar as well.

Testimonial from Vince:

For the past 12 mths we have endured sub standard internet connection though out our apartment in Abu Dhabi.

We had tried a number of different IT specialist but our internal internet connection remained poor. That was until we met Aquila Wifi.

Aquila Wifi ended our seemingly endless and pointless upgrades of routers (as suggested by other installers) with little to no improvement.

Aquila Wifi spent the afternoon installing new routers he purchased for us.
Which it has to be said are way better than previous purchases because Aquila Wifi knows what they are buying and what to look for, we don’t.

Aquila Wifi’s service is;
Fuss free
Quick and

A big big improvement

Plus, to our delight Tommo from Aquila Wifi was able to connect our sound bar to the TV.
For us this is a difficult task and falls into the Black magic art of electronics.

We highly recommend Aquila Wifi as your go to IT guys.

Vince / Abu Dhabi